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Ever wanted to use Omegle on your Android phone? But you cant seem to find a decent app for it? Well look no further, Omegler is here! And you can do alot of things that you can on Omegle, Its easy and fast.*Features*
• Talk to strangers via One-To-One mode! (Also know as Text Chat On Omegle)
• Spy-Mode, You can either ask a question, or discuss one!
• Spy Mode +, With this you can spy on other conversations, Talk for one of the strangers and disconnect them.
• Attach, With this its super easy to share your erm.. things, Anyway you can upload your pictures to our server, and send the link to the stranger, No more tinypic!
• Save And Share logs, Thats right, You can save the logs and if you want you can share them!
• ReCaptcha Reduction, Are you sick and tired of the Captchas? Well, every second time you get a captcha, we will request Omegle to reduce them!
• Interests, You can set your interests just like on Omegle!
• Notifications, Ouch you had to do something else but still want to keep track of the one youre talking too? No problem, you will recieve notifications when they either disconnect or sends a message!
• Themes! Do you want another look? Well we have the themes for you and more will come!
*Planned Features*

Frosty - The maker/developer, he made Omegler Possible!
Enitoni - He made the look of the app for free, and he will do it for you too!
All bugs are still being worked on, but we need your feedback, so if you find a bug that needs to be fixed, send the bug report to the developer.
Also, if you have any suggestions they are greatly appreciated
Also, we are NOT affiliated with Omegle.